If you purchase a brand new Linux cloud hosting package, it's created on a server and the overall process usually takes a while, including the confirmation and processing of your fee, which a lot of companies perform manually. When you get a dedicated server, for example, the configuration takes even longer since the machine has to be built, set up and tried so as to ensure that it will operate properly. By reason of this, various suppliers have a one-time charge so as to cover the time and efforts spent on your brand new account. The fee, which sometimes is quite high, is often not mentioned on the main page, still you'll find it on your checkout or payment page, which means that you will not be familiar with it before you've already gone through the whole registration process and you may even miss it if you do not pay attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting plans don't have any kind of setup costs or any other obscured fees as a rule. If you purchase your account, we will process your payment right away and then your account will be generated and activated by our system without delay. The overall price that you will have to pay for the web hosting plan is identical everywhere - on your home, order & payment pages, and you will not notice or be charged anything in addition to that price anytime. That is valid irrespective of whether you get multiple accounts because it is our belief that developing trust is much more important than getting a few more dollars. The account activation is instant, which means that you are able to go ahead and start setting up your sites immediately.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans don't have any sort of setup fees, so if you acquire your new account, the total fee for the very first month will be identical for your future renewals. Considering the fact that it takes us a couple of min to create and activate a new semi-dedicated account, we think that it wouldn't be right to charge you anything for that. You will see the very same amount on our main page, on your payment page and also on your bank or PayPal statement and you will not ever need to pay any extra fees. If you have an ordinary shared website hosting account from our company and you need a more powerful alternative, we will even move all of your content to the new semi-dedicated account totally free.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Hosting

When you get a dedicated server through us, we shall set up your machine without cost. The cost that you will see and pay will be identical on our site, on our payment page and on your bank statement, and the exact amount you'll pay through the registration will be the same as the one you'll pay to renew your plan in the future. We will give you a ready-to-use machine, which is assembled and tried, and which comes with all of the needed software pre-installed - Operating System, web server, MySQL, FTP, plus web hosting Control Panel if you have picked one during the signup, yet all of these duties are executed free of cost. We can even relocate your information without additional cost when you obtain your dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel and you have a regular shared hosting package from our company.