The Domain Names Manager, integrated in the Control Panel allows you to flawlessly take care of multiple domain names from one place. Furthermore, it enables you to take care of your domain names within the very same spot you maintain your website. Furthermore – our Domain Names Manager will come stuffed with the instruments you’ll ever need to have extensive control over your domain names.

Multi– Domain Name Supervision

Your domains in a single place

By employing the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, it is possible to work on many different sites and domain names all at once. The Domain Names Manager makes it simple to manage all features of your domains – WHOIS details, name servers, customized DNS records, domain name locking, etc. Additionally you can park limitless number of domains, direct domains, trigger WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

With just a click of the mouse, you will be able to handle your sites’ files, databases, mailboxes, or inspect your existing web site statistics.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Control different DNS records

With the Control Panel, you’ll find a method to create different DNS records for your personal domain names. You can point your domain names to external servers by using A or AAAA records, make use of 3rd party mail servers by using MX records, arrange domain redirection with CNAME records, enable support for additional services through TXT records, etc. You can customize the tweaked DNS records and also revert them to their normal values with merely a mouse click.

Beyond the specialized DNS records, you should also register name servers that are in accordance with your domain. Consequently every one of your clients will find your brand, as opposed to our generic name servers, whenever they complete a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park as numerous domain names as you would like

With the Control Panel, you can easily register attractive domains as well as park them on the internet until you load them with web content or resell them to some other person at a bargain price. At the time you park a domain, you can select to reroute your domain to a template web page (’Under Construction’ webpage if you are planning to apply it for a web site, or a "for sale" web page in case you want selling the domain name) or a fully operational web site.

You can keep a domain parked for so long as you prefer! From the Domain Names Manager, you can actually modify the ’parked’ position of domain name and connect it with a website with merely a mouse click.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Inbuilt domain redirection

If you want to redirect your domain name completely to another website url, you can do that with merely a click from the Domain Names Manager. We offer a convenient to use tool for domain name re–direction. What you need to do is enter in the web address where you wish to redirect your domain to. You’ll be able to forward it to a different domain name in your website hosting account or to just about every other domain on the web.

And whenever you’ll want to point the domain name straight back to your Linux cloud hosting packages account – simply click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our system will conduct the rest.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Defend your details from maltreatment

Each and every domain name you register features your private information which are commonly observable to the general public. Since there is a possibility that a person uses your data for spamming reasons, you could have benefit of a WHOIS Privacy Protection solution. It is going to hide out all private data from the open public, to ensure that when someone constitutes a WHOIS check, they are going to solely find generic details as an alternative to yourpersonal information.

But don’t worry, if someone else must speak to you with regards to your domain name – all communication requests are still shipped to your email address.

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Have to have for just about any online shop.

An SSL will give your clients a warranty that the web site is secure for making online orders or register as a member. It’s going to secure all very sensitive data which is transmitted regarding the website visitors and your website and definately will hinder pretty much all efforts for abuse.

Through the Domain Names Manager in the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, you can quickly obtain an SSL certificate for use on your online store or community website. Simply just pick if you would like your SSL certificate to be for one or various websites and click on the Request button. Your SSL certificate will be set up suitable for you in a few minutes.

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