A few years ago, the cPanel Control Panel seemed to be an undeniable leader on the hosting marketplace. Its recognition grew so big that nowadays cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on out of date concepts and what worked well eight years ago isn’t true currently.

That’s why, we made the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, built on the concepts of today and ready for the circumstances of the future. It’s been created to work in the cloud, to always be convenient to use and to let you control every aspect of your online presence: web site, domain name and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain name/invoicing/website adjustments

The Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel lets you quickly control all your domain names, emails and websites with a mouse click. By doing this, it will be easier to look after every aspect of your web presence from just one interface.

The cPanel Control Panel does not provide synchronised control over domain names and sites. You will receive one invoicing panel for your domain names and bills, and yet another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Structure

Using the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, all of the domains and subdomains are going to be separated from one another. Each individual web site can have its very own directory segregated from the rest within the home directory of your website hosting account. You can quickly change from concentrating on one website to dealing with another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you will have 1 folder for your primary website and all of the other web sites are placed within this folder. This would make handling numerous websites from a single interface very puzzling.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager in the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, you will get full control of the files of your websites. You will be able to speedily upload new files by using drag–n–drop feature, successfully edit several files simultaneously with the multi–selection functionality, unarchive archives with a mouse click, change files using the built–in generic and WYSWYG managers and a lot more.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and restricted in functions. Submitting various data files demands a lot of time and and won’t offer drag & drop support. The built–in zip/extract tool is not reliable and the file managing instruments make available just basic controls. There isn’t quick access to the available file administration features.

4. Cost–free Add–ons

In case you are seeking to obtain more for your investment, then the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel is the best answer. It arrives with freely available bonuses that are likely to cost more than a thousand dollars. You will be able to utilize Domain-Host.Biz’s Site Installer, Apps Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Site Generator and you’ll have access to a significant assortment of no–charge design themes.

Each individual website hosting provider delivering cPanel decides on its very own what freely available bonuses to to incorporate into your hosting plan. Furthermore, as cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the 100–percent–free bonus features must also be paid by the hosting provider. This will certainly affect the price of your web hosting package, so the no–charge bonus features featured in your package will in reality be paid.

5. Control Panel Tool Operational Speed

The Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel runs using our very own Linux cloud hosting packages. It’s enhanced to work on our set of equipment components and also to operate using our selection of software programs. This makes it run faster compared with just about any other Control Panel available. And it is safer in terms of performance too.

cPanel is still performing on a system from a decade ago and can truly be slow from time to time. The cPanel development team has made a substantial step with the release of cPanel accelerated. Nonetheless, in evaluation experiments, prevalent site administration tasks frequently show greater results with other Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain Controls

The Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel permits you to quickly manage a variety of sites in addition to their domain names from one location. Each individual website will have its very own special folder in the root directory of your web hosting account and will be absolutely separate from the rest. That way, you can utilize only one web hosting account to control as many domain names and sites as you need.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep things separate – you’ll need to manage your domains from 1 place and your sites from a separate one. Each site has its own Control Panel. Managing different sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather confusing simply because virtually all additional domains will be stored in the directory of the primary domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

With the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, you are able to easily move from one area to a new one utilizing our handy top menu bar. It offers links to each part of the Control Panel and a quick explanation of precisely what you’re able to do there. This way, even if you don’t know very well what the name of the area implies, you will have the capacity to fairly quickly get acquainted with its functionalities.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all offered icons in the home page, so that it isn’t customized to your specific demands. Moreover, right after you access a menu, you can’t immediately switch to another one and will have to get back to the homepage instead. This kind of navigation could be really irritating for you, especially if you take advantage of lots of sections each time you change your sites.

8. Demo Accounts

Using the Domain-Host.Biz Control Panel, we have designed a fully featured demo account for you to check out before sign–up. You will get access to a demo Linux cloud hosting packages account from which you’ll be able to create mail addresses, install web apps, generate new sub–domains, and also build a website using any of Domain-Host.Biz’s website constructors, etc. If you like what you have come up with – you you can easily register within the demo interface and preserve everything you have created so far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is basically a screen–shot of what is in the main menu. Almost every function that is displayed there is disabled. Thus, when you sign up, you’ll have no clue how the different instruments and capabilities of the Control Panel actually perform.

We could include every single characteristic of our Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a lot quicker if you just take a quick look at our live demo version to see the main difference on your own.

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